Open inventory: E
Move: W, A, S, D (recommended) or arrows
Reload: R
Aim: Mouse
Shoot/melee: Left-CLick or Ctrl
Scope Zoom: Right-click or Q
Pickup items / Enter car: F
Switch weapon: Select directly in inventory or drag and drop a weapon in the shortcut boxes and use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Open menu: Esc

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> COMING SOON: Teams / School bus / Fixed crafting
> 06/15/2018: Smoother players/vehicles movements
> 06/10/2018: New map (buildings + 3 villages), new gun: rocket launcher, snipers / magnum now shoot projectiles, hitmark effects on environment, ladders are smoother
> 05/09/2018: Bug fixes, FPS optimization and shortcuts are now automatic for first items picked up
> 04/20/2018: FPS optimization, game should run smoother overall
> 03/01/2018: Renamed to
> 02/13/2018: FPS and player movements should now be smoother
> 02/07/2018: The cars are back and should work better now! There's 3 cars per server. The game should also get a better FPS overall.
> 01/30/2018: We added cars and fixed couple things, car is a bit bugged, really easy to flip, will fix that in next update, refresh to get new version, the car has 2 seats
> 01/26/2018:
-Fixed the backpacks disappearing too fast
-Dropping items now works (you can share items with teammates)
-Running is now automatic, hold shift to walk
-Shooting in the neck / head area now do 2x / 3x damage
-Reduced sniper damage to 50 (1 hit kill headshot, 2 hits body kill)
-Reduced shotgun damage
-Raised AK-47 damage
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